Safety and Environmental Activities

Basic Principles

In accordance with our corporate principles based on ISQO, our top priorities are nuclear safety and worker safety.  We also promote environmental management while conducting business.

GNF-J is constantly working to improve safety and environmental management with the establishment of its “Safety and Quality Policy” and “Code of Conduct,” “Action Guidelines” and “Environmental Policy” to ensure nuclear safety, worker safety and effective environmental management, respectively.

Business Handling Uranium

Safety and the environment are our top priorities because our business operations involve the handling of uranium. Each member at GNF-J is committed to participating in safety and environmental activities to make continuous improvements in these areas. We have a nuclear safety management system in place and are committed to make improvements in areas such as criticality control, radiation control, waste management and the prevention of nuclear disasters.

We also have a worker safety and health management system to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Everyone at GNF-J is committed to health and safety activities. GNF-J has been awarded the GE Global Star recognition for achieving GE’s health and safety standards.

Our environmental activities are based on our environmental management system, which aims to achieve environmental conservation in order to maintain a good relationship with the local community. We are conducting activities to reduce the burden on the environment and to increase efficient use of resources. GNF-J has obtained ISO 14001 certification.