Safety and Environmental Activities

Safety and Quality Statement

Based on the ISQO principle, for purposes of coexistence with society by operation ensuring to hold nuclear safety to the top priority as top priority, together with contribution to society by offering products meeting customers’ expectations, I hereby determine the safety and quality policy of GNF-J as follows.

This safety and quality policy includes the Traits of a Healthy Nuclear Safety Culture that is GNF-J’s goal and is recognized by all officers and employees, and implemented with leadership and responsibility at all levels in GNF-J.

Safety and Quality Policy

  • Nuclear Safety
    Make decision for placing nuclear safety as top priority in consideration of Safety and Security Coordination and Accountability based on compliance with laws and procedures.
  • World Class Quality
    Demonstrate world class quality by developing products having superior performance and reliable facility operation management, with progressive awareness, high techniques and skills and flexible organization.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Based on activities of timely reporting, analyzing organization and identifying risk, make the continuous improvement by means of questioning attitude and lessons learned for developing and maintaining wholesome healthy nuclear safety culture and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Formation and Togetherness
    Secure safety communication and transparency for formation of energetic workplace and togetherness by building trust from society including region, customer and administration.

April 01, 2020
Hajime Yamazaki
President & Representative Director