Safety and Environmental Activities

Environmental Management

GNF-J Environmental Policy

Fundamental Principle

Recognizing that global environment conservation is the worldwide common goal and GNF-J can contribute to the prevention of global warming by supplying nuclear fuel, all the departments in GNF-J shall endeavor to make sustainable improvement of global environment.

Environmental Policy

  • Evaluating positively and negatively influencing aspects for environment and setting technically and economically feasible “environmental objectives”, all GNF-J employees should commit to improve GNF-J’s environmental management system and environmental performance continuously.
  • GNF-J shall comply with environmental laws and ordinances, agreements with local organizations, guidelines of government agencies, as well as GNF-J’s voluntary standards.
  • GNF-J shall engage in the following activities as key actions for effective use of resources, reducing the burden on the environment including global climate change and prevention of pollution:
    • Environmentally friendly products
      GNF-J shall endeavor to develop products that reduce the burden on the environment.
    • Global warming prevention
      GNF-J shall endeavor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate global climate change by reducing the burden on the environment and enhancing energy efficiency through the use of nuclear power.
    • Reducing the burden on environment
      GNF-J shall secure its facility from large-scale natural disaster caused by climate change and prevent from pollution by aging management of facility and equipment.
    • Effective utilization of resources
      GNF-J shall try to reduce waste and promote recycling.
  • GNF-J shall try to earn and maintain good relationship with local community through ensuring transparency and proactive communication.
  • GNF-J shall ensure that all GNF-J employees and personnel working at GNF-J facilities are aware of this Environmental Policy, and make this policy publicly available for all stakeholders.

March 25, 2020
Hajime Yamazaki
President & Representative Director