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GNF-J is engaged in a variety of volunteer activities.

Planting a Flower Garden at Perry Park in Yokosuka 2003.04.08

(The Perry park was built in commemoration of the arrival of the U.S. navy Perry admiral who prompted the opening of a country of Japan in 1853.)


April 8. We planted a flower garden at Perry Park together with our friends from TEPCO's Yokosuka Thermal Power Plant. Although the day began with rain, it cleared up for a few hours around the time that we planted the flower garden. Once we had got the hang of our task, all 43 of us had a great time planting the flower garden. After that, we commented on the fact that the prettiest flowers are the ones that you plant yourself. We intend to water the flowers from time to time, take care of them and replant them, and keep the area clean.