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Clean-up hiking at Ohyama mountain Nov.23, 2007


The weather prediction the day before the hiking said it would be windy and with wintry conditions on that day,so we told participants in advance to take more protections against cold. On Friday November 23rd, the early morning was covered with clouds.We thought the weather prediction might not be right, however on arriving at Isehara station the skies turned blue without any wind and it turned into the perfect day for hiking. 3 teams for the family course took a bus and cable car from Isehara station to Ohyama Afuri Jinja Shimo-sha shrine then started clean-up hiking from there to the top of the mountain, 2 teams for the general course that took a bus from Hadano station to Minoge started hiking to the top. A total of 35 people including the COO, employees and their families participated in the project.At 20 minutes past 9 a.m., 3 teams of the family course started after the call from people of the general course to begin together. Mountain hikers seem to have some changes in their attitudes compared with some past years, there was less litter on the hikers' path. Even though we sometimes found candy wrapper on it. We could imagine they dropped from the pockets accidentally , when we thought of our experiences. However, most litter and trash were thrown away, long ago. Bins and cans thrown away over 20 years before appeared on the side of the hiking paths.We found this litter then dug it up , 3 large trash bags were filled.That was a larger harvest than we could imagine. We believed people in Ohyama would feel joy and happiness, of course warm feelings came to us, feeling we could clean up Ohyama as much as we could possibly do.Two different groups of families and people in general joined together within a 20 minutes difference at the top of the mountain.After lunch, we made a commemorative photo. As it was unnecessary to pick up trash on getting down the mountain, we could climb down keeping our footing, with safety-first, also admiring the tinted autumn leaves & plants at Ohyama temple and finally arrived at a hotel to stay safe and sound at the skirts of the mountain.