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GNF-J is engaged in a variety of volunteer activities.

Open Day of Miura Shiratorien of handicapped school  Oct. 6, 2007


Sat. October 6th. We joined the Open day festival in Miura Shiratorien at a physical disability school.Our experiences at the school, inspire us to join in these open day activities, which we have donated planters to, that were made with recycled materials by GNF-J. We have been replanting flowers 4 times a year with our corporate citizenship activities.
It is our second experience to join the Open day, so that we could have a good time communicating with visitors and the students through the various events such as the student's dance under the clear autumn sky. 20 people in total including GNF-J employees and their families joined the preparations one day before the big event by doing such tasks as carrying equipments etc. , cooking or selling on that day. Thank God !, 300 plates of fried Chinese noodles prepared of course by our perfect fried noodle cooking ability, which is trained at the GNF-J summer festival,were sold out same as last year. We also plan to join next year, so please visit the school on open day, enjoy having conversations with students and visitors and do try our fried noodle specially made by GNF-J,which has a reputation of "one delicious and hearty meal! "GNF-J aims for better and further corporate citizenship activities.