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GNF-J is engaged in a variety of volunteer activities.

Clean up and Exploration of Miura Peninsula in Autumn or Sea lion show and BBQ 2006.11.4


Saturday, Nov. 14th. Under the clear autumn sky, 30 GNF employees, their families and two families from the GE group company took a walk around the Konawashiro forest and picked up trash around the area, entitled "Clean up & exploration of Miura Peninsula in Autumn or Sea lion show and BBQ." We gathered at Keikyu Misakiguchi Station at 10:00 a.m. and started to work on picking up trash. This street is very well maintained with the sidewalk planted with many trees, but litter was scattered here and there. Cigarette butts and empty boxes were thrown away in gutters and hedges sometimes, so that our small trash bags would be filled with lots of trash in around one hour. Empty cans, PET bottles, sweets bags, lunch containers ... "especially cigarette butts" were as we expected. We felt sad that "Nobody has any morals!" "Who cares" "Who has the respect for environment."After that we made an exploration of the Konawashiro forest, where it's widely known as a place you can watch the habits of chiromantes haematocheir as well as keeping an actual natural state of woods, wetlands, tidelands and sea.It is natural that the forest was very beautiful and clean, but we struggled with the muddy road due to the rain the day before, and walked all the paths around 2 hours and arrived at Aburatsubo marine park with the feeling of a good accomplishment. We enjoyed a delicious BBQ and watched the wonderful sea lion show. The day became such a happy autumn day for all of us.