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GNF-J is engaged in a variety of volunteer activities.

Climbing Mt. Fuji and Cleaning Up the Area 2002.07.19-20


July 19 & 20. We climbed Mt. Fuji and cleaned up the area. Forty-eight of us arrived by bus at the fifth station of Mt. Fuji at around noon. Unfortunately it was raining. We nevertheless enthusiastically executed the cleanup project, everyone with a garbage bag in hand. After leaving the garbage back at the bus, we went for a hike. By the time we reached the eighth station, a strong wind was blowing and we were tired. But after taking a nap in a mountain hut, we resumed our climb in the middle of the night. As we reached the summit we were able to see the sunrise. On the second day we had wonderful clear weather coinciding with the end of the rainy season. With views of Lake Yamanaka, Lake Kawaguchi and Enoshima in the distance, those of us who still had enough energy picked up trash as we descended the mountain.